Evening Wear

We've selected our favourite evening wear pieces for your biggest events, to ensure you are the talk of the town, no matter what you choose. From soft fur coats to sequin knock-out dresses, we've got what you need.
Sassi Sequin Pants - Black
Rossi Gold and Perspex Heels
Forever Dazzle Dress
Chic Sequin Dress
Sassi Sequin Pants
Esmeralda Jacket - Green
Midnight Madness Jumpsuit
New Year, New Me Dress - Black
New Year, New Me Dress - Champagne
Stacey Studd Heels Rose Gold
Over The Rainbow Dress
Dim The Lights Dress
Valentina Gold Bag
Odyssey Dress
Florence Bag - Grey
May Blue Dress
Monna Lisa Tullie Dress